video 7 min 279 sec

A buoy subject to wind, waves, and other factors causing it to bob and sway, sometimes gently but other times rather wildly, is recorded by a stationary camera.
When edited, the filmic object is computationally “forced” to remain stable and equidistant from all edges of the frame, such that the background environment inversely adopts the motion of the floating platform and takes on the role of visual noise.

“There is again a process of architectonic abstraction at work here, as the entire system of representational object-functions is reduced to a setting blithely following the forceful object at the center of the frame. And the valorous commitment to an evaluation of the limits and potentials of visual strategy through the mechanisms of environmental instrumentation is again key to this project; what is new with this video workis an implicit critique of the status of the monument, ideologically delimited by a reversal of the conventions of framing” – Robin Peckham